“Alice is SMART and CONFIDENTIAL. She organized my home for different needs when no one else could have – during my divorce. [She organized/compartmentalized] for an estate sale, for my office, and for our out-of-state move. [She employed many] skill sets during very emotional times, and went about her business to help me get about my business. She helped me create a ‘must have’ list, a ‘not sure’ list, and ‘I need emotional support to know what to do with this’ list. She even sweetly worked with my children when they were confused. I never felt pushed to part with items and I never felt bad for having a disorganized life.  She made our home organized and [got it] looking good for sale. To get a HIGHLY QUALIFIED, CONFIDENTIAL and SMART organizer, I recommend you call Alice and schedule an appointment today!”  ~Elizabeth S., Michigan

     “I’m sure you can relate! After raising three children,…working full time and going to school for a Masters degree the house was not a priority. It was time for action and it wasn’t going to happen overnight. This is when I called Alice. With focused work in problem areas, things are gradually appearing neat and clean and de-cluttered. I remember one day we did the garage and Alice went and found a shelving unit at a garage sale. [She proceeded to] organize in-line skates and paint supplies. I can now find everything in the garage and know where to put [it] when I am done. If you need action and a calming presence and someone who is patient to walk you through the process, call Alice! She has a gift for putting things in order and gently helping to make decisions. Alice will organize!!!”  ~Deborah S., Illinois

“Alice is an incredibly hard-working, smart and kind organizing magician! After 18 years of teaching and home clutter, I did not even know how to begin. Three years after taking my deceased parents house apart, I vowed that mine would not get so disorganized.Trying in fits and starts only made me overwhelmed and depressed. Then, gently, and with unending enthusiasm, Alice led the charge, one room at a time. She had great ideas for not only getting each room organized, but suggested tools and hints that could keep them that way! I am so grateful and wholeheartedly recommend her expertise for anyone in need of “getting one’s house in order.” – Tina C., Illinois

“Alice is a gem! We have two working parents, two active teenagers and two rambunctious yellow labs in our household. I was overwhelmed with clutter and unnecessary paper. Alice has helped me declutter and organize the kitchen and main areas. She provided helpful suggestions that we could immediately put into practice. She also asked great questions that made it so much easier to decide what to do with things. After we completed one area, we were motivated to maintain it and inspired to take on another. Alice created a judgement free experience  and was positive and encouraging thought out the process. ” – Christine W., Illinois

Alice Clark has come to my home several times. She has helped pack and organize for a move as well as unpack and put things in place. Alice is a pro at efficiency and time management. She also has the ability to know what to keep and what to pass on. I am grateful for her professional help and give her five stars. (A plus is her joyful attitude). –  Caren H., Florida