About Me

2-2016 PROF FOTO FOR ONLINE     My name is Alice M. Clark. I have an undergraduate degree in Bilingual-Elementary Education from Northeastern Illinois University and a Masters in Missions Intercultural Communication from Wheaton College. I have lived in two foreign countries and have abilities in five languages. For the past two decades, I have thoroughly enjoyed raising my two daughters, volunteering for many not-for-profits in the DuPage County community and hosting over 20 refugee families and others in my home. I am an avid proponent of the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mindset, ever conscious of our environment; and I reflect this in my personal and professional life.                                                                          

     My whole life I have enjoyed helping others find ways to bring order to their environments. My life experiences have given me a more thorough understanding of people from a vast array of cultures and the commonality of our relationship with our “stuff”.  It is because of this particular human condition that I am thrilled to have moved my area of expertise into the realm of Professional Organizer for both home and office spaces.

     I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and also a member of the Chicago Chapter of Professional Organizers.

     I look forward to meeting you and using my God-given gifts to help make your space full of peace, harmony and organization.

Alice M. Clark