• FREE 20 MINUTE PHONE CONVERSATIONLet’s talk so I can give you some ideas, inspire you that there is hope, encourage you will enjoy having your home or office organized
  • WHATEVER AREA I am happy to work in any of the rooms in your home, garage, crawl space or attic or at your office
  • NON-JUDGMENT – I will work with you in a non-judgmental fashion so that you feel very comfortable during our time together
  • MOVING We can work on a strategy that will work well for your family, finding other professionals needed, making decisions on what to keep, store, donate, throw away or move and help with much of your packing.
  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULEI am able to work most nights and Saturdays to make it work for your schedule
  • USE WHAT YOU HAVE You might be amazed what you already have in your home that will serve excellently for organizing
  • PAPER ORGANIZATIONAre you overwhelmed by piles of paper? I actually enjoy working through paper to find filing systems that work well for you
  • SHORT-TERM AND LONG-TERM GOALSIt doesn’t have to be done overnight! We can start small so you get a taste of the freedom, joy and peace you will experience by having even a small area organized.
  • ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALLIt is my job to give ideas and suggestions for organizing your home and office that are just right for you, your priorities and preferences
  • LISTENING WELLBesides finding ways to organize your home and office, I will be a safe place for you to share anything that is important to you that will be kept in confidence