Creative Tips

Have give-away containers around your home.


Once you pick up an object that you no longer need, you can put it in the bag or container.  Then when the bag is full you can donate the bag.

When give-away bags are full in the house, bring them to an area of your garage.


It is great to have containers easily accessible to put give aways in; located in your closet, pantry shelf or other hidden location, in different parts of your home. Bring your bags, boxes or other containers with give-aways into an area of your garage.  You can see that I am ready to take a trip to my favorite charity now!


Using Items in Your Home


It is great to use what you already have to organize. Have you thought of using a bookcase to organize the gifts you have so they are easy to access to wrap?

Use regular containers to organize items often thrown together.


Often wrapping paper and tissue is in one location.  It can be hard to easily find what you want.  Nice to have tissue paper by color and wrapping paper by occasion.



These shoe holders are great to put behind many doors in your home for shoes, mittens, scarves, hats, flashlights or any other item you regularly use and to which you need easy access.  They can even be used to store office supplies such as stapler, scissors, pens/pencils, rulers, envelopes, or small books.